Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The CX Factor Score: Walmart vs. Target

A few weeks ago, I published the first CX Factor score for Target which came out to be a D. The report was based on 1 month of customer commentary found on various websites and 1 week's worth of commentary found on Facebook. While this score would seem rather harsh and probably not completely indicative of the average experience at Target, the information that one can read about a company can create a significant image of a consumer experience and can open the eyes of the average, non complaining shopper.

To compare their results to their largest competitor, Walmart,  the CX Factor score turned out to be the same grade, D for the same period of data. However, there were some interesting findings made.
  • Target customers often complained of bad phone service experiences and poor results from return/exchange policies. Specifically, many comments were related to the offshore operations and considerable hold times and dial transfers.
  • Walmart customers complained often of bad service due to rude and not knowledgeable  associates.
  • Target shopping experiences in the store were mentioned as clean, organized while Walmart locations were inconsistent with their appearances.
  • Walmart shoppers used the words fraud and criminals while Target shoppers did not voice as much concern about these words.
  • Target customers complained significantly about the online experience 1 out of 4 comments while Walmart shoppers only mentioned the online experience 1 out of 7 comments. For Walmart, the biggest concerns were around the site to store experiences.
  • Coupon redemption and price-matching were a consistent theme for both companies
  • Of all the non Facebook comments read, Walmart shoppers often went online to complain (95% rate) while Target shoppers gave praise 24% of the time.
  • Target's Facebook Page is not organized to provide online service commentary and Walmart leverages Get Satisfaction as their tool, enabling customers to easily voice their opinions and see action taking place.
  • When customers mentioned that they were not coming back and that they were going to a competitor or down the street, Target customers mentioned Walmart but Walmart customers never mentioned Target.

CX Factor Voice: Walmart 

CX Factor Voice: Target 

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